Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

                     J.K ROWLING

2) My favourite character in this book is Harry Potter. 
He is a ten year old wizard boy, rather skinny, with green eyes and  round glasses.  His hair is black and always untidy.  What made him rather unique was a lighting-shaped scar on his forehead . This scar makes him famous because he survived when the greatest dark Lord of black magic (Voldemort) tried to kill him.  He is a talented Quidditch  player (a game played with four balls and on top of a broom).

I like this character because he values friendship above every thing. He is brave and never gives up.  He becomes a great magician.  He wins an important Quidditch match for his house team Griffindor.

Mission to Mars

In our IPC unit we learned about Mission to Mars we had to make our own creative rover
 out of  recycled materials , we had to grow a bean plant to know how to plant them on 
Mars, we also designed our own shelter in 3D, with green houses, kitchens, science rooms and 

We learned that Mars is also called the Red Planet , because of its red , rocky surface. It is
 the 4th planet in the Solar System. The planet mars has lots of sand storms.
Some last days, even months.

Scientists have sent robots to figure out how mars is. The robots have found samples
 of rocks and soil .  They have also found real water under the soil but not as a liquid, as
 a solid. Scientists think that there could had been life on Mars ages ago. The biggest
volcano is called Olympus Mons .