Wednesday, December 3, 2014

6th grade

   This year might as well be the best so far of all my years at school, I  have loved everything about sixth grade. The teachers are really nice and the classes I'm taking are very interesting. I like that we go from class to class and that we have a different teacher for every subject. Thus, never being boring. The subject that I like the most are Humanities. In Humnaities we had to do a debate about Tsunamies and I learned a lot researching the subject. It helped me be aware of other countries' social situations and cope mechanisms with disaster. I am most proud of an article we were assigned to do about an earthquake in El Salvador. I watched videos of interviews with people of the actual event. I also talked to different people that were witnesses. I learned a lot, and I had to do extensive research on the subject and condensed all the information to write an article like report. In the end, I was proud of how it turned out.

I also like the group of students assigned to my section. We all get along great, and help each other out. I still see my other close friends  during breaks and at lunch. Even though, at first it was a little bit hard to get used to different teachers, studying everyday and getting homework, I finally have managed to get a system to help me out with remembering to write down my responsibilities in my planner and completing them in time. I hope to be able to be more responsible and try to get to every class ready and on time. And I also hope we continue to get along great with my classmates for the rest of the year.

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